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Intervention is a process that helps an addict recognize the extent of his problem.

Narconon provides a specific course of drug rehabilitation treatment which includes training in communication, a full body detoxification process, counseling in problem identification and solving, as well as counseling in personal values and integrity.

Ignorance about or failure to abide by the common moral precepts of our society can lie at the root of many of the addict’s life problems.

The premise of the Narconon Program is that a former addict can achieve a new life.
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Mayor Thomas M. Menino pledged yesterday to allocate $180,000 in city funds to combat heroin ...
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 Jason Mewes faces drug rehabilitation - or jail
Actor Jason Mewes -- famed for his portrayal of stoner Jay in many Kevin Smith ...
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Jason Mewes faces drug rehabilitation - or jail

Actor Jason Mewes -- famed for his portrayal of stoner Jay in many Kevin Smith movies -- is facing a choice between drug-rehabilitation or a spell behind bars.
Mewes, 28, appeared before a New Jersey judge who issued the stark choice, after giving himself up on Tuesday and pleading guilty to violating his probation stemming from a 1999 heroin conviction.
Following Tuesday's guilty plea, the actor left the courtroom without talking to reporters, according to the Associated Press.
However, in Mewes' defence, his attorney Peter O'Mara blamed his client's latest legal drama on a "miscommunication" between probation officers in California and Jersey.

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