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An important aspect of the Narconon program is the systematic application of techniques to improve communication and interpersonal skills in persons dependent on alcohol and/or drugs.

When conventional drug rehabilitation methods are not working with a drug-addicted person, there are effective drug rehabilitation alternatives to pursue before one gives up.

Intervention is a process that helps an addict recognize the extent of his problem.

Narconon graduates are brought back to life, confident, in control and able to achieve their goals without the use of drugs.
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What Graduates have to say about Narconon

What Parents Have to Say About Narconon

"This is a letter of thanks and recognition to all those associated with the work, endeavors and promise of Narconon. It is our sincere hope to reach out to families and friends of loved ones still inside the downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and self-destructive addictions. Narconon gave and continues to give our daughter a second chance at life.

As Christian parents we struggled with concerns over Narconon’s creator, L. Ron Hubbard and the possibility of enrolling our daughter in a “cult.” We watched intently and followed the overall detoxification process, course content and concepts very closely. Happily and gratefully we concluded that the staff and, indeed the concept of Narconon, have all of humanity’s noblest interests at heart. The tools given our daughter are universal and not religiously specific. Communication with family and positive influences are encouraged on a regular basis. We applaud and commend our daughter’s tremendous efforts to make it happen and stick to it until she completed the first phase of the program. We also appreciate the comfort zone offered by Narconon’s philosophy that “it takes as long as it takes” to be cured. There is no specific number of days in which the student must return to the world again before he/she is ready.

Our twenty year old daughter reached the bottom with a smorgasbord of drugs, raves and destructive lifestyles. Most of her friends only added to the spiral of lies, cheating and misinformation that take up all of an addict’s time when relating to those who love them. Loss of her job, loss and distancing from productive friends, her feelings of worthlessness and emotional depression brought the whole family perilously close to a tragic ending.

As we approached the reality of a tragic end for our daughter, an internet web search and analysis brought Narconon to our attention as a very different concept in treating addictions. While the Narconon concept has been around for decades, it is new to the uninitiated who never had a need for it! Narconon works on the whole individual and gives its in-house students the tools for life to overcome both the physiological and psychological holds of addiction. Narconon’s different concepts allow its students to say and believe that they were addicts before Narconon and that after they graduate, if they practice the precepts of the training, they are no longer addicts and are able to lead happy, productive, addiction-free lives.

In the end it is up to the individual addict to want to rise up from the hell of their addiction. Our daughter now has the opportunity to be a happy, productive member of society. That chance is directly a result of the love, care and tools provided by the staff of Narconon. We thank Narconon for giving our daughter that chance.

Both my wife and I stand ready to communicate through Narconon with anyone who requests or needs to share our experiences. No system is perfect and, ultimately, it is up to the individual to make his/her way in life. Narconon provides one answer that can and does work to make the world a better place."
-J.O., A.O.

This is the "thank your" I meant to write you long ago. It is from both Alicia & I. One fine day, many years ago, you met us at LAX airport. That was the beginning of the end of Alicia's drug abuse. You took 1 scared, addicted teenager, and guided her through a process that saved her. You said to me if Alicia stays here & participates in this program, she will never need another drug-rehab again. You were so kind, so positive, explaining the Narconon Program, reassuring me there was always hope. When Narconon told me of all the drugs Alicia used -- heroin, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, uppers,
downers, Ritalin, Special K, & most at the same time, I thought this was an
impossible situation.

Remember when she ran away & you went out after her? Above & Beyond! I know she was a tough one to have around all that time, after all, I lived with her all those years. She kept messing up, she was always on "Ethics" with Pat! You told me she only knew how to self-destruct & self-sabotage. She never experienced success, so this was the only road she knew. You all were trying to show her another road to travel. How about how long it took her to graduate! When I finally flew to Narconon for her graduation, the room was filled with well-wishers. If Alicia could graduate, anyone could.

She thinks so highly of you, all of you at Narconon. She lives by what you taught her. She resides & works in Santa Barbara. She is going to college there. She is a straight A student & does not use drugs! She is so happy she is still smart & did not fry her brains! So Larry, I am eternally grateful to you & Narconon, for all the wonderful work you do. For I handed you a drug addict, & you handed me back my daughter."

"John is my son, and I love him very much. But up until a year ago, I thought I’d lost him forever. He had gotten addicted to cocaine, and no matter what we did, he couldn’t seem to stop. He’d become a different person, an unreliable, angry, selfish young man who didn’t seem to care how badly he hurt our family or himself. We stood by him while he went through treatment after treatment. But it seemed hopeless. He’d stay clean for a few weeks or months and then disappear. Pretty soon we’d get a call from the hospital or the police or his girlfriend, telling us that John was in trouble again. It didn’t seem like John was going to be able to stop using drugs on this side of the grave and it was tearing us apart. I’m a doctor, and I felt that if anyone should be able to help, it should have been me. But the cravings were just too strong for him to overcome. Things seemed pretty grim. Then we heard about Narconon New Life Center. The counselors there told us that they could help me get my son back. They explained addiction to me in language that made sense. They told me that they could help, and I believed them. I decided to give it one more try and today I’m glad I did. Today I have a son again.-Dr. L.A.

My name is Marlene. I’m the sister of someone who went through the Narconon program. We live in Surinam, South America. In October of 1996, I came with my brother to Narconon. Within four days my sister and I could see the difference in him. During the following four months, he would call home often and wrote letters in which we could read how excited he was and how grateful he was to be part of the Narconon family. I came back in March, and found a new man. I got my brother back and so much happiness that it was almost too much to comprehend ... Narconon, you are a gift from Heaven!
-M. C.

More impressive is the result we have seen in our son. With your help (and that of our Creator) he has gained back his life after twenty years of lost time. Enthusiastically he is looking forward to productive and enjoyable remaining years. Even I have learned from watching his growing maturity during the four years since he left Newport Beach.

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What Graduates Have to Say About Narconon

I began using marijuana at the age of 10. My parents had divorced. My father moved away. I was angry and confused about life. I wanted to escape. I wanted friends.

As the years went on, I gravitated toward kids that were in similar circumstances as myself. Kids who were from single parent households, who stole, who used drugs, and who had little responsibility.

I started to sell marijuana by age 14. It started out small and eventually went into large quantities. All of my hopes and dreams faded away. I lost the motivation to work and succeed in a legal occupation. I had no goals and no self-esteem. To deal with this along with the increasing anxiety of being a drug dealer, I started to go out to clubs to drink, I also started using ecstasy and crack. I found myself in a deeper and deeper pit. I finally realized I needed help when I ruined a nine-year relationship. I was depressed over the loss and the partying only made me feel worse. I didn’t know where to go for help.

I went to Narconon and it has been the best thing I have ever accomplished. I no longer sell or use drugs. But that’s only half of it. I now enjoy going to work, because I am a Drug Education Lecturer for Narconon. I go out to schools across Southern California to educate children on the dangers of drugs, helping to ensure they make better choices in life and use their education to achieve their goals.


I first came to Narconon on November 18, 1998. I am from Mexico City and I have been in four different rehabs and that did nothing for me but accumulate a lot of anger toward my family for putting me there. ( I didn’t want to change at the time) I was lucky enough to have a friend of my family come to my house, knock on the door and introduce Narconon and the purification part of the program to me. I was instantly interested. I knew then that I had a chance. Something different. For once, something that I wanted. I was dying, desperate for a change in my life.

Here while doing the program, something inside me clicked. I knew then that this would work. All I needed was someone to tell me how to do it; how to stay away from drugs. I knew that the rest was up to me.

I now know that the ability has always been within me. The problem was I didn’t realize it was lying dormant. Now with the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and the guidance of the great staff at Narconon, my life has changed dramatically. I can now confront problems in my life, and I found out that my life is worth living. That living is beautiful. Now, any problem, or better yet, any situation that I might encounter, I will find a solution with the technology that I learned here. I know that applying it to my daily life, the condition of my life has bettered 100%. Even more! I now see opportunities, when in the past I saw them as problems. Of my 22 years of addiction to cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol, I don’t regret a moment of it because without having gone through it I wouldn’t be here at Narconon.

Because of me doing this program, the communication with my entire family has been restored. I am grateful for this because they all were there for me. I was the one who had withdrawn from them. I’m back as a whole human being. I am grateful.


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